Teamwork Skills

Throughout my four years at Muhlenberg, I have been a part of many group projects that have strengthened my teamwork skills. My most recent group assignment was in my Business Policy & Strategy course where I was paired with three other students to create a class presentation about the downfall of Countrywide Home Mortgage. My team and I met multiple times throughout the course to share our ideas, collaborate on the presentation, and help each other if needed. By working as a team we were able to effectively accomplish our goals of learning about Countrywide Home Mortgage and applying it to what we learned in the class. The entire presentation was very collaborative. Attached is the presentation:


Another group project that showcased my teamwork skills was a presentation on codes of ethics for my Management course. For this project, I was paired with three other students to teach the rest of the class about why a code of ethics is important from a management perspective. We were also tasked to create our own code of ethics for an imaginary organization and have an interactive element to keep the class engaged. For this assignment I learned how to delegate as a team to accomplish tasks more efficiently. Although we collaborated on the structure and creative elements of the presentation, we each took responsibility for a particular section of the presentation. Once we finished researching our section, we then collaborated and offered ideas to improve our presentation as a whole. This taught me to keep an open-mind and learn how to take feedback from my group members. Based on our strong teamwork skills, we successfully presented a powerpoint and kahoot activity to our class. Attached is the powerpoint presentation my group and I presented: