Teaching Philosophy

As a dancer and educator, I understand the wants and needs of movers, both young and old, and their relationship to the intimate environment around them. When facilitating an experience for the advanced dancer, the student new to dance, or anyone in between, I seek to encourage movers to express themselves in a way that is most comfortable, provide a space for their ongoing learning, and act mindfully while doing so. I encourage my students to use their imagination and embody creativity. There are endless opportunities for knowledge when a student opens their mind. I believe in freedom of expression through movement with guidance in order to encourage learning, stepping out of the dancer’s comfort zones, and growth. Feedback is always encouraged in a respectful way both from teacher-to-student and student-to-student. I encourage students to move with integrity and hold high expectations, through positive challenges, in all genres, they decide to take on. The ever-changing body is sacred, and students should be encouraged to take care of their bodies in the process of moving and learning and I encourage each student to embrace their living, beautiful selves.

            I provide a space for movers to grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I believe a moving environment should be a safe place to escape the daily troubles and feel supported. I want to provide a place for students to be individuals and explore their inner and outer selves in a way that makes them feel comfortable and safe. Their uniqueness will always be valued. I move around the space with students in a way that provides a joyful, creative, energetic, and emotional experience. I am mindful of both what I say, do, and who is in the space to create an environment that is catered to each class and student to meet individual needs. My classes integrate the classical structure with room for creative expression, self and group exploration, and peer sharing opportunities in order to enliven and develop concepts learned throughout the year. I work towards students becoming confident in their moving skin, free to investigate and push themselves towards their fullest potential.

            When dancers leave my classroom, I want them to feel educated both on the importance of how their moving bodies can portray powerful messages and what, where, and why of their dance education. Terminology and dance history are strongly incorporated into classes to understand concepts deeper. I believe no one ever arrives at a place of knowing all, which indicates that everything is an opportunity to learn. As a dance artist myself, I have a unique opportunity to consciously engage in the learning process with my students on a daily basis, while sharing my own experiences with my students. I not only get to share my knowledge with my students, but students get to share their knowledge with me, which is a rewarding feeling as an educator.