Research Skills

Business Honors Independent Study

For my senior year, I chose to complete Honors in Business Administration and work with Professor Roland Kushner for an independent study research project. My study is titled “Adapting During Crisis: Arts Organizations Responses to COVID-19.” This is a mixed-methods study through a theoretical perspective of organizational adaptation. I am currently creating a database of arts organizations in the dance, theatre, visual arts, and music fields, and their respective adaptation strategies from March 2020 to December 2020. Simultaneously I have been gathering data from national arts service organizations and cultural policy sources to support my database. By the end of the semester, I expect to identify a set of emerging adaptation mechanisms that can benefit arts organizations and be useful for further study in 2021 and beyond. Attached you will find my database, which is a work in progress:


Advanced Research in Dance

I have always had a strong interest in arts research. When I took Arts Administration during my Junior year, I wrote a small research paper explaining why men hold more leadership positions than women in professional ballet organizations. During my Fall semester of senior year, I was enrolled in CUE: Advanced Research in Dance, where I was given the opportunity to dive deeper into this topic and expand my research skills even more. To complete this research I analyzed data from the Dance Data Project, read scholarly articles, investigated current events, and completed case studies on three successful female artistic directors of nonprofit ballet organizations. Attached you will find my completed paper: