Leadership Skills

To me, leadership means determination and passion. A leader is someone who is determined to make a difference in the organization he or she is a leader in. I held the VP Recruitment Information position for my sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, for the 2019/2020 academic year. Through this position, I was able to gain leadership experience by leading my organization through the recruitment process. I strengthened my interpersonal skills, organizational skills, and time-management skills while being able to listen and apply input from my peers. Just as I am passionate about my sorority, I am also passionate about my business major. Although I may not hold a specific leadership position in the business department, I find myself being a leader both in and out of class. I am responsible, motivated, and creative. I see myself being a leader in the career path I choose.

Example of my leadership in Alpha Chi Omega through my outline of an Accreditation Speech: