Communication Skills

During my Management in Nonprofit Organizations course, the final assignment was to write a grant proposal to a foundation to express the funding needed for my own 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization’s new education initiative. The organization I created was an art museum located in New York City, looking to start an art fellowship program for art students in low-income communities. In my grant proposal, I expressed the importance of the new education program, the benefit to the community, and the amount of funding needed for specific aspects of the program.

Through this assignment, I was able to strengthen my written communication skills. Post-graduation I hope to obtain a career in arts administration, specifically in a nonprofit arts organization, so grant writing is an important skill to have in this field. In this grant proposal, I was able to organize my needs and wishes for my imaginary organization in a clear and precise way. I supported my grant proposal with evidence of the success of similar programs and outlined a timeline to showcase the dedication my organization has to this project. Writing this grant proposal is not only a necessary skill for my professional career, but I also learned how to communicate to a foundation in a formal matter. Attached is my grant proposal: