Career Plan

Values and Passions

I believe that good work connects values and passions. I value the arts and the endless possibilities that can emerge from them. Combining dance and business together is what drew me to arts administration, which is ultimately the career I would like to pursue. I see myself working for a large dance company or ballet organization in New York City, specializing in arts education. Another path that I can see myself following is owning a dance studio, combining my two passions of business and teaching dance. To me, money is not a direct motivator in what the final decision for my career is. Many people have told me that dance and business are an odd combination, or that there is no money in the arts, but I don’t let this affect me. Those close to me have taught me that if I gain experience in college, grow through these experiences, and stay persistent in accomplishing my goals, opportunities will emerge. I may not be entirely happy with my first few jobs, but patience is key. Experience and growth are two of the most important aspects I am focusing on right now. Experiences, such as summer internships, have allowed me to network with individuals in my field and obtain skills to utilize during the rest of my college career and beyond.


            My purpose in life is to make a difference, even if it is small. I believe that life is not simply about happiness, but rather finding meaningful experiences and loyal friends and family to help you towards peace of mind. I believe that I was put on this earth to make a difference, and in order to do this, I plan to share my love of dance with others. How I make this difference, whether through education, business, or performance, does not matter in the long run. That being said, this is not something I can achieve on my own. I value finding support from others to achieve my goals. My support system is what has helped me get to the point I am at today and I believe that they have so much knowledge and wisdom still to share in order to guide me into my future. The country and the rest of the world will give me the opportunity to fulfill my purpose and I look forward to seeing how they will shape my career.

             My work view and life view are very similar and align in many ways. They both hold a strong love for the arts with a center around passion for dance. When I was two years old, my mother enrolled me in my first dance class, and I’ve been dancing ever since. Although I was young when I started, the whole experience showed me that I want to be an advocate for the arts. I want to show others that dance brought me so much happiness throughout my developmental stages. My work and life views have taught me that the arts are so valuable, and it is so important to keep them alive both on and off the stage. My life view drives my work view and I am so grateful to have been given so many great opportunities in the arts thus far. The arts have not only allowed me to develop strong relationships, but also given me the grace to carry them with me in the professional world.

Short Term Planning Steps

  • Dance and business administration majors with concentrations in dance education and arts administration, respectively
  • Muhlenberg Movers and Shakers, Cardinal Key Society, Alpha Chi Omega VP Recruitment Information, Muhlenberg Community Dance Center
  • Developing stronger database skills and interpersonal skills
  • Networking through the Muhlenberg Network, the Muhlenberg shadow programs, alumni, etc.
  • Obtaining internships
  • Completing my business honors project

Long Term Planning Steps

  • Sampling different arts industries such as a smaller company, theatres, Broadway, etc.
  • Learning new languages such as Spanish
  • Developing a stronger network outside of Muhlenberg
  • Graduate school for arts management
  • Gain more experience and wisdom through further research into the arts off stage